Felicity Huffman And Lori Loughlin Sued By Angered Mom For $500 Billion Over College Admissions Scandal Will They Lose Their Fortunes?

Felicity Huffman And Lori Loughlin Sued By Angered Mom For $500 Billion Over College Admissions Scandal Will They Lose Their Fortunes?
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One angry mother has filed a $500 billion lawsuit against Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, STX Entertainment co-founder Bill McGlashan and several others involved in the college admissions scandal.

The hits just keep on coming for those that participated in Operation Varsity Blues. California mother, Jennifer Kay Toy, has filed a massive lawsuit against the famous actresses and several others claiming her brilliant son suffered because of the bribery scheme.

Deadline was first to break the news that a multi-claim fraud class action was filed in a San Francisco court late last week. Toy feels her only son, who had a 4.2 GPA, was rejected from several colleges because of the college scam.

"Joshua and I believe that he'd had a fair chance just like all other applicants but did not make the cut for some undisclosed reason. I'm now aware of the massive cheating scandal wherein wealthy people conspired with people in positions of power and authority at colleges in order to allow their children to gain access to the very colleges that Joshua was rejected from," Toy stated in the documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times .

The lawsuit accuses the defendants of inflicting emotional distress, civil conspiracy, and fraud. Toy did not name the specific colleges her son was rejected from that were involved in the scandal. She went on to argue those Toy named in the lawsuit stole her son's shot at a fair chance into college. The single mother called the actions of those involved as despicable and illegal.

"I'm outraged and hurt because I feel that my son, my only child, was denied access to a college not because he failed to work and study hard enough but because wealthy individuals felt it was ok to lie, cheat, steal and bribe their children's way into a good college," the former teacher explained.

A total of 45 individuals have been named in the lawsuit. Jennifer Kay Toy and her son are seeking a jury trial and asking the court for monetary, non-monetary & punitive damages. They will accept no less than $500 billion, which is a significant amount of money. Neither Felicity Huffman nor Lori Loughlin has spoken out about the lawsuit or the college admissions scandal .

Toy's lawsuit is just the beginning of lawsuits that could be filed against those involved in the bribery scheme. There is no precedent for the case, so it is unclear not only if the mother and son can win the case but also the odds they will be awarded the money requested.


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