Fear Factor Is Back With Ludacris As The Producer And Host!

Fear Factor Is Back With Ludacris As The Producer And Host!
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Fear Factor is back on the air, except this time the renowned rapper and actor Ludacris, will be the executive producer and the host.

According to MTV, the show will bring back the crazy energy the fans loved except with an unprecedented special twist.

McCarthy, the president of the company that runs the show, said Fear Factor is about celebrating the culture of the youth and the main theme of the show will be for contestants to overcome their greatest fears.

The president said they are absolutely thrilled to kickstart the franchise with Ludacris who has a long and industrious past with the network.

There will be 12 new episodes in the revival, and the competitors will be doing more than just nasty challenges like eating cockroaches and the like.

There will be new stunts that include couch surfing at 300 feet or water logging personal cell phones.

The show will have eight contestants in pairs of two who will deal with brutal challenges as they compete for a prize of $50,000.

Ludacris said he was "excited to kick off (his) partnership with MTV," starting with the relaunch of Fear Factor which will be more insane and ridiculous than anything anybody has ever seen.

The 39-year-old actor and rapper said, "this will be the first of many great projects together."

Fear Factor is known for facilitating the rise of reality TV stunts and being hosted by comedian and podcast aficionado, Joe Rogan, who was on the show for six seasons starting in 2001 on NBC.

McCarthy explained, the show will not just be trying to gross out audience members and contestants. The show will be about action and destroying fears, whether they be physical, emotional, or psychological.

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