FBI Raids Jake Paul's Home And Discovers A Cache Of Illegal Firearms

FBI Raids Jake Paul's Home And Discovers A Cache Of Illegal Firearms
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Page Six reported today that federal agents discovered a swath of firearms in the house of the notorious YouTuber, Jake Paul. The outlet says the FBI raided the YouTuber's home on Wednesday and found the weapons at the star's LA mansion.

KABC-TV reported that the police were spotted grabbing guns, including one long firearm that was pressed up against a hot tub in the back yard. The media organization says the FBI took other firearms from his Calabasas home in the early hours of Wednesday.

The LA Times also reported that the authorities were seen leaving the property in a SWAT truck as well as a dark van. A few of the agents were dressed in military gear. Reportedly, the FBI confirmed they had obtained search warrants for his home, however, it's not clear why they investigated him.

There haven't been any arrests thus far. This all comes at a troublesome time for Jake Paul, who was criticized for throwing a massive house party this past month . The house party was obviously in defiance of the social distancing rules.

As it was previously reported, Paul came under fire again this year when he was slapped with criminal trespassing as well as unlawful assembly. He was illegally inside of an Arizona mall where other people were looting and rioting amid the Black Lives Matter protests.

It wasn't a particularly good look for Paul, who was accused of egregiously looting a mall despite his fortune and fame. His brother, Logan, later came out to defend him and said he didn't think his brother would do something like that.

Logan, of course, has been viciously criticized on the internet as well. Paul was in the headlines when he filmed a dead body in the Suicide Forest of Japan and uploaded it to his YouTube account for his young fans to see.


Paul was accused of profiting from the death of a suicide victim and lost many endorsement deals and partnerships with other organizations, including YouTube Red.

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