FBI Alleges Trump Was Intimately Involved With Hush-Money Payment To Stormy Daniels

FBI Alleges Trump Was Intimately Involved With Hush-Money Payment To Stormy Daniels
Credit: Source: NewsWeek.com

According to a new report from NBC News, the FBI supposedly believes that Donald Trump was intimately involved in the scheme to keep Stormy Daniels from revealing her story of infidelity to the press amid his election campaign back in 2015 and in 2016.

As it was previously reported, Michael Cohen, Trump's ex-attorney, claims that he was instructed to pay off Stormy Daniels with $130,000 worth of hush-money. Stormy states she had an affair with the president while Donald's wife, Melania, was at home with their three-month-old child, Barron.

Released today, Thursday, July 18th, the papers purport to show communications through text messages, phone calls, and emails, between Trump, Cohen, and the campaign aide, Hope Hicks, as well as Keith Davidson, in addition to David Pecker.

In the documents, an FBI agent claims there were communications between the aforementioned individuals following the release of the Access Hollywood video, in which Trump could be heard joking about groping women with Billy Bush, who, at that time, worked for the Today show.

The papers add that when taking into consideration the timing of the messages and phone calls, it appears that much of the communication between the parties involved were part of an attempt to thwart the release of Stormy Daniel's story. Stormy's real name is Stephanie Clifford.

As it was previously reported, when the Access Hollywood tape was released, the mainstream media, including many people on social media, became wholly convinced that Trump would lose the election in 2016, however, through the electoral college, the president ended up winning.

Approximately one year into his presidency, Stormy Daniels finally went public with her story of the president's supposed infidelity. It was alleged by multiple outlets that had Trump been involved with paying off Daniels, it would technically make his campaign illegal, and thus there would be grounds for impeachment.

Following the public spectacle, Stormy Daniels' name was heard in the media for months, including a 60 Minutes interview in which she described some of her interactions with Donald. She later released a memoir about her experiences.

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