Fate Of The Furious Is Expected To Make Over $500 Million Worldwide The First Weekend

Fate Of The Furious Is Expected To Make Over $500 Million Worldwide The First Weekend
Source: fastandfurious.com

Universal Pictures' The Fate of the Furious is set to be one of the most successful Hollywood movies of all time. The eight part of the franchise is opening in 63 territories with the U.S. and Canada this weekend and, considering Friday’s international gross, some big bunch of cash is about to be made.

Fans are turning out in record numbers around the world to see The Fate of the Furious, as Friday’s international gross brought in $112.1 million to Universal Pictures, the highest-grossing Friday of all time for the film studio.

Based on this, experts estimated that the international weekend would bring $430.4 million, an amount that will beat Universal’s previous top movie, Jurassic World, which contributed $316.7 million in its first weekend.

Adding a North American estimated gross of $103.8 million, we’ll see that the eight movie of the Fast & Furious franchise is set to record a cash-in of $534.2 million on Sunday.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ worldwide opening of $529 million is the barrier that The Fate of the Furious will try to surpass.

Loved all over the world, the Fast & Furious series grossed $4 billion at the worldwide box office and its eighth release has some incredible stats. In 16 territories, mainly South America and Middle East, it had the biggest opening day of all films.

There are five more territories where fans are still waiting to see The Fate of the Furious but will get their wish fulfilled soon - Philippines today; Serbia & Montenegro April 20; Poland April 21; Romania April 21 and Japan April 28.

This successful Friday means that Universal crossed $1 billion in international box office, becoming the second studio to reach this milestone in 2017.

So, are you planning to see how Dominic turns evil in this latest blockbuster this weekend?

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