Fat Joe Says Drake Is The "Michael Jackson Of This Time"

Fat Joe Says Drake Is The "Michael Jackson Of This Time"
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Can we compare Drake ’s talent, popularity, and success with that of Michael Jackson's? Many Drake and Michael Jackson fans disagree with Fat Joe’s comparison, some telling him to just “shut his mouth now.”

In a recent Instagram Live, Rick Ross and Fat Joe talked about the charts, the success Rick Ross and Drake now have, and how Drake will help Ross rise to fame now that he is so popular. But as the two MCs talked, Fat Joe’s remark really made viewers gasp.

Fat Joe said “What's this relationship between you and Drake? Lemme finish... Drake is possibly the hardest person to get in touch with and let's be clear, every song he does goes No. 1 and he's just like, the Michael Jackson of this time."

That remark quickly went viral and people’s reactions on social media commented on this comparison. Here’s a few of the responses below, with some people trying to explain what Fat Joe really meant, while others just telling him he wasn’t making any sense.

Is it fair to give the crown of the Pop King to Drake? Not only they had different music styles, but it’s like you’re comparing apples with oranges. While chatting on Instagram Live, Ross explained that Drake has shown him gratitude when Ross had supported him early in his career, adding that “the love is genuine between us.”

Drake is breaking the charts with the 40 th entry in the top 10s, surpassing not just Michael Jackson, but also Madonna . And he’s not done yet for this year, since his sixth studio album will soon be launched.

You know what they say, “there is no such thing as bad publicity," so even though Fat Joe may have made a lot of MJ fans angry during his “Joprah Show” on Instagram Live, he surely made a few headlines. However, even Drake fans argue his comparison was out of place.


The online heat is proof not many people agree with Fat Joe’s statement. What do you think? Can Drake be seen as this generation's Michael Jackson?


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