Farrah Abraham Pays Tribute To Sophia’s Late Dad A Decade After His Tragic Car Accident

Farrah Abraham Pays Tribute To Sophia’s Late Dad A Decade After His Tragic Car Accident
Credit: Source: teenmomnews.com

It’s been ten years since the one who fathered her daughter Sophia, Derek Underwood passed away and so, Farrah Abraham took to social media to pay tribute to him. Check out the former Teen Mom star’s very emotional message.

Farrah started her post by saying that ‘These last couple of days have been some of the best days in my life, today is the 10th Anniversary of Sophia’s Father, Derek Underwood, the love of my life’s car accident 12/28/2008 that changed my life forever. Seeing Sophia spend the night at her dad’s parents' house  fills me with joy.’

The woman went on to open up about all of the hardships she has been through in the decade since Derek lost his life.

‘I can’t believe I lived to see this day as I never thought I'd get through the sadness, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety and hardships of losing someone I loved this much who I thought I would be with today.’

Farrah’s next words were more optimistic however as she mentioned that the tragedy has managed, in time, to fill her and her loved ones with ‘gratefulness, and confidence' that Derek as an angel, is always watching over them.

The former reality TV star made it very clear that she is looking forward to 2019 being a great year in their lives, noting how grateful and happy she is to have gone through something like that and still surviving and even thriving.

In the end, the proud mother made sure to thank her late baby daddy for always watching over her and their child and also helping her realize she should live every day with their daughter as if it was their last!


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