Farrah Abraham Mocked For Her 'Stupid' Look After Cosmetic Procedure

Farrah Abraham Mocked For Her 'Stupid' Look After Cosmetic Procedure
Source: theblemish.com

The former Teen Mom cast member took to social media to post a video, but she did not get the response she expected. Farrah Abraham has some new, extra pouty lips and the people are not crazy about them!

People in the comments got quite shady, but we already knew that Farrah just knows how to attract a lot of haters.

By sharing the vid, Abraham just wanted to introduce her many followers to a brand new product called OcuMend that is supposed to help a lot with the bruising that occurs after a cosmetic procedure.

Unfortunately, instead of focusing on that, after seeing the clip, fans started talking about Abraham’s a little too plump lips!

That being said, do not expect compliments!

’Your lips look stupid,’ one hater commented.

‘You should’ve never messed with yourself, Farrah,' another comment read.

‘She probably can’t close her mouth with those ridiculous lips lmao. Lord knows she can’t keep her mouth shut any other time,’ one slammed.

Yikes! Tell us how you really feel guys!

This comes a few days after the reality TV star got into a much bigger scandal when she ended up being arrested.

Supposedly, she physically attacked a security guard at the Beverly Hills Hotel which caused the authorities to be called at the scene.

Now, the celeb faces charges of misdemeanor trespassing and battery.

She was released on bail, and soon after, she shared an Insta story vid, in which she defended herself, claiming she was the actual victim.

‘Hey, guys I wanted to say thank you for all the well wishes and concerns. It is sort of sad when you are out sometimes, and you just cannot have fun because some people want to attack and get you all in that trouble. I am blessed by God, and I don’t want to ever be attacked again at a hotel. And we are out.’


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