Farrah Abraham Is Selling Date Night Packages On Her Website - Find Out How Much She Thinks Fans Will Pay For 'In-Person Time'

Farrah Abraham Is Selling Date Night Packages On Her Website - Find Out How Much She Thinks Fans Will Pay For 'In-Person Time'
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Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is trying to make a buck anyway she can, and she has sunk to a new low by selling “in-person time” with her via a date night package on her website. Abraham believes that some of her fans are willing to dish out $5,000 for an evening with her - as long as they plan the evening themselves and can pass a background check.

“Want to spend some in-person time with Farrah?” her website teases. “Here is your chance.”

After years of denying that she has made money as a paid escort, it appears that Abraham is just coming right out and admitting it. Good for her for living her truth, but will anyone really dish out $5K for a night with the former reality star?

For fans who can’t drop that kind of cash, Abraham does offer less-expensive options, and the prices range from $25 to $1,500. The menu features $100 Snapchat shout-outs, $200 30-second Snapchat videos with “top artistic nudity,” a $300 30-second video with “full artistic nudity,” and for $1,500 Abraham will make a “special artistic nude video.”

The website doesn’t go into detail about the differences between “full artistic nudity” and “top artistic nudity,” and it doesn’t give a hint about what makes the $1,500 video special. Apparently, fans have to put up the cash if they want to find out.

For the low price of $25, Abraham will send a “regular” Snapchat pic, and for $125 fans can get a topless pic. If you are interested in a “full artistic nude,” that will cost you $200. And, if one pic or video isn’t enough, Abraham is offering premium Snapchat memberships for $19.99 per month. Also, if you want to talk to the reality star for five minutes, you can do that by purchasing a one-on-one video call for $399.99

If you’re trying to decide which option to choose, we’ve saved the best for last - the Farrah Diamond Club. For the amazing price of $1,890 per month, you can buy “the ultimate Farrah Abraham fan” in your life the chance to speak with her four times a month for 15 minutes, plus you get a free premium Snapchat membership.

“Whether you just want to talk about your day, ask for business advice, or play out a fantasy, this is your chance to do so,” reads the Diamond Club description.

Unfortunately, there is no option to buy “Farrahpy,” which Abraham announced earlier this year. For fans who wanted a private one-hour sex therapy session with Farrah Abraham on the CamSoda website, it only cost them $10,000.

Finally, if you don’t want to look at her or talk to her, you can “Spoil Farrah” by tipping Abraham via numerous payment options on her website TheFarrahAbraham.com .

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