Farrah Abraham Explains Why She Is Charging Fans $5K For A Date

Farrah Abraham Explains Why She Is Charging Fans $5K For A Date
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Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has started selling pics and videos to fans on her website for outrageous prices, but the most shocking thing she has for sale is some "in-person time" on a date night with her. Abraham is selling date packages for $5,000, and she says that’s because her time is “worth a lot of money.”

While attending the recent WeTV Marriage Bootcamp event at Skybar in Los Angeles, Abraham told TooFab that she doesn’t need to go on dates right now because she is so focused on her work and everything else she has going on. However, if she is going to go out on a date, she will be paid for her time because she is being pulled away from what she loves in life.

"Other women who don't get paid for their time and who are just giving their time away, well, I don't really see anything great coming out of that,” explained Abraham. “So...you should always monetize your time. I mean you're monetizing online, why not in real life?"

The mom of 10-year-old Sophia kept talking and gave some dating advice that is truly baffling, or maybe a symptom of her gigantic ego and skewed perception of the world. Abraham said that women should never pay for a meal when they are on a date. She called it a “danger zone” and it’s something women should avoid.

Abraham said that in general, women should have doors opened for them because men need to prove their worth, adding that if men aren’t doing their “manly duties” then there’s no reason for them to be around.

The Big Brother alum continued to explain her point, saying that if a man can’t inspire a woman and lift her up, and he can’t help make her life amazing in some way, then he isn’t needed because she can do everything on her own.

Abraham also revealed that she is straight, but she feels “blessed” that there are women who are attracted to her. However, she couldn’t start dating a woman because it would confuse her daughter.

If you are interested in dropping five grand for a date with Farrah Abraham, make sure you can pass a background check. And, you should also be ok with her security team joining you for the evening.

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