Farrah Abraham Explains Why It’s Not Her Fault She Bailed On The Boxing Match With Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander!

Farrah Abraham Explains Why It’s Not Her Fault She Bailed On The Boxing Match With Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander!
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The Teen Mom star was supposed to face Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander in the ring for the much-anticipated boxing match but just a few days before the November 10 event, Farrah Abraham has bailed on the face-off! Now, the reality TV celeb is blaming the promoter!

During an interview with HollywoodLife, Farrah explained that promotor Damon Feldman is in breach of his contract, therefore she has no choice but back out of the match.

‘Damon the promoter will not book correct flights for my people, my coaches, mother, and daughter to come watch. He's in breach of the contract. (He also promised) up to 32 rooms for celebrity guests, for coaches and for family. These are things the promoters agreed to and couldn't deliver so they're in breach and it is not my issue. I need to work it out with them, but they just keep booking the wrong flights, they're not handling their business properly, and they are unprofessional,’ Abraham tells the outlet.

It looks like another thing contributing to her decision is her court visit this morning.

As fans know, the Teen Mom star had an explosive fight with a Beverly Hills Hotel employee back in June and ended up being arrested.

There was no prison sentence, but she got two years of probation as well as five days of community labor.

In addition, Farrah was also ordered to attend 12 hours of anger management aside from just being banned from the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

On Instagram, she informed her followers that 'I wanted to say I am actually really happy with how everything turned out at court. It's crazy that I thought my friends, had me with a liable situation but they turned out not to be friends. So in the end I am on 2 months probation, that means no more being around any more bad people, putting me in bad situations, and I think it's just such a good reminder to share with all of us.’

She went on to explain: ‘Which means because the celebrity boxing, the person who is in charge and the other promoters, who are associated can't and doesn't know how to do business, I can't put myself in a liable situation where they have someone publicly saying they wanted to beat my face in, or things of that nature. Again just putting me in a bad situation, and a legal problem with police.’

As a result, no more boxing matches!


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