Farrah Abraham Disses 'Jealous' Catelynn Lowell After Dropping Out Of ‘Disgusting’ Boxing Match!

Farrah Abraham Disses 'Jealous' Catelynn Lowell After Dropping Out Of ‘Disgusting’ Boxing Match!
Source: theblast.com

The former Teen Mom star doesn’t care at all about the backlash surrounding her decision to drop out of her boxing match, hence her vacation in the Maldives! During an interview with HollywoodLife, Farrah Abraham slammed the event as well as clapped back at Catelynn Lowell, calling her ‘jealous!’

The woman explained to the outlet why she is actually happy she’s not competing in the ‘disgusting’ match.

‘Anyone associated with the fraud promoters, Michael Mak of BoomCups and Damon Feldman, are to be advised to cease and desist using my name for the attention of their failed fight to steal money and to use celebrities including ‘Hoopz‘ [Flavor of Love star she was supposed to fight], Catelynn, and other low-class wannabe celebrities like Drita [fight’s officiator], who were all planning to make a mockery of anti-bullying, and as some are moms, it is disgusting,’ Farrah said.

As fans may know, Abraham has already announced she’d no longer participate in the event and revealed the reason why!

In a social media post, the woman claimed the organizers were ‘in breach’ of contract and as a result, she was then threatened with a lawsuit for her ‘defamatory statements and libelous communications’ about the fight, reported PEOPLE.

However, it doesn’t seem like Farrah is scared of a possible lawsuit against her.

During the interview, she made sure to slam her former co-stars who were excited to attend the match just to see her ‘laid out.’

‘Since Teen Mom ratings are lowest ever without me, the Teen Mom groupies including Javi, Catelynn and more Teen cast members still went to Atlantic City and said I wasn’t there, as I am the reason everyone was going.’

‘Gone are the days I  am around people who are jealous of me — it is clear I am the winner over the bullies of this failed event. I have still won — I am in the Maldives, where they cannot even afford to come. Atlantic City's more in their bracket, and happy that they paid to watch me. Like everyone else, I would never watch fake Teen Mom trash drama anymore. The Kardashian parenting's much better to watch. Hope the show does not tank, but looks like it has without me. Going snorkeling!’ Yikes! Tell us how you really feel!

Are you disappointed Farrah is no longer going to face Nicole Hoopz in the ring later tonight?


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