Farrah Abraham Claps Back At Hater Criticizing Her Outfit In New Video

Farrah Abraham Claps Back At Hater Criticizing Her Outfit In New Video
Credit: Source: cheatsheet.com

Farrah Abraham took to social media to share a new video and it turns out that a troll really disliked the outfit she was wearing in it! In response, the former Teen Mom star dragged the hater like never before!

After all, the person that criticized her and daughter Sophia’s matching looks had quite a lot to say and the reality TV star could not understand why they needed to waste so much time hating on something so silly.

It all started with the mom and daughter dancing to Megan Thee Stallion‘s song ‘Savage’ since it’s been quite a trend lately.

While showing off their moves, the two were rocking black and white tye die outfits.

The little girl was more covered but the same cannot be said about Farrah who was exposing her midriff in a grey bra, her top tied around her neck.

It turns out that the troll had a huge problem with her putting her body on display like that.

‘Why must you take off your shirt? That little girl is watching every move you make. This video could have been cute had you just worn the shirt. There is a time and place for that,’ the criticizing comment reads.

In response, Farrah wrote that: ‘I’m wearing a shirt and a bra in case you’re blinded by your hate [laughing emoji, 100 emoji.]’

Of course, there were also fans who did not send any hate and instead, showered the mother and daughter duo with love.

Here are a couple of the positive comments: ‘Love it! Sophia is lucky to have a mom. Some people don’t support individuality.’ / ‘This is so entertaining and Sophia is such a good dancer!”

The IG clip also featured their pet dog, Cupcake who was once again the center of attention due to the fact that his white fur has been dyed purple/pink.


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