Fantasia Barrino Opens Up About 'Prostituting Her Gift' And Why She Needed To Change Course

Fantasia Barrino Opens Up About 'Prostituting Her Gift' And Why She Needed To Change Course
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Fantasia Barrino did a series of interviews to promote her seventh studio album, Sketchbook , that did very well on the charts.

Fans of the gifted and powerful vocalist learned about what inspired the woman behind the music. Music lovers also got a little glimpse into Fantasia’s life.

The American idol diva revealed that she is grateful to have been exposed to many genres of music as a young child.

She said: “Can you imagine what we were listening to when I was growing up? At the age of five, I was introduced to stuff that kids in my class had never heard or would never hear. All of the jazz singers, all of the gospel singers, all of the R&B singers, all of the blues singers. I knew country songs that kids probably [had never listened to].”

She also spoke about her decision to no longer be “prostituting her gift,” which is why, like a boss lady, she bid adieu to R.C.A. Records, and went independent and won on the Billboard charts.

Fantasia stated: “I’m in control, now, of my destiny. I can literally go into a booth, and I can now show them what it is musically how I see things. What I love. And that’s how we did it this whole entire album. Nothing sounds the same, but it all has... it’s beats people never heard from me. I always had somebody telling me what I could and could not do. When those doors opened, we ran through it, and we created a monster.”

Sketchbook was released via her independent imprint Rock Soul, backed by B.M.G. and Fantasia had this to say about it: “I thank God for them, allowing me to do that. This thing that came out on this album has been inside of me for so long. I said if I couldn’t have done it, then I probably would have quit the game. It’s been 15, 16 years for me, and you and I both know it ain’t been no cakewalk. It’s been a fight. So, I’m at a point in my life now where I don’t have to fight anymore. I’ve made it to this place. I’m sitting in it. I’ve worked hard for my peace. I’ve worked hard for my joy. Nobody can take that away.”

The mom and wife is being praised for her boss lady moves.

One person replied: “The Lord will continue to bless you and your family as long as you stay true to Christ and not the fame. The chain of command God first, then your Godly husband and then children. You are independent, and you have a beautiful voice. ❤️”

Another fan had the following to say: "Last night’s show was amazing! I thank God for you! May continue to bless your union. It’s dope that you’re happy! Continued blessing, old friend.”

This backer shared: "Girl, you be doing the dang-thang. I love you so much, and I cannot wait until you get to Grand Prairie, Texas... God bless you and yours baby...Lady B loves you a lot.💥🙏🙏👑👑👑💖💘😍💞"

Fantasia is pushing her empire.

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