Fans Vote And Decide That Billie Eilish's New James Bond Theme Song Is Better Than New Justin Bieber Album

Fans Vote And Decide That Billie Eilish's New James Bond Theme Song Is Better Than New Justin Bieber Album
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Even though Billie Eilish is a huge fan of Justin Bieber and his very successful discography, fans of the pop-star have sided with her own work over his, a report from Billboard has revealed.

According to the popular music outlet, Billie Eilish's new theme song for the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die , was voted as the most popular release of the week, beating out the brand new album from Justin Bieber by many votes.

As it was previously reported, Justin Bieber just dropped a brand new record called Changes, which follows his immensely successful record, Purpose, which was released back in 2015.

In other words, that means that over 2/3 of the people who voted in the poll thought that the single song from Billie Eilish was more exciting or superior to the new release of Justin Bieber's album.

Reportedly, Justin Bieber's new record earned just 16% of the vote, and the rest was split among the releases from other artists like Tame Impala as well as Sam Smith and Monsta X.

As fans of Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish know, they've since been incredibly supportive of each other's careers since they first met last year at Coachella. During an interview with Zane Lowe on the 14th of February, Friday, Bieber became emotional while discussing his support of Billie.

Justin explained to the host of the popular music show that he just wanted to make sure Billie had a much better time coming of age as a popular performer than he did. In other words, Justin stated that it was important for him to protect Billie, which he hopes he'll continue to do in the future.

According to Justin, he doesn't want her to "lose it," and wants Eilish to avoid all of the painful experiences he had when he became famous as a young teenager.

Eilish responded to the chat with Zane Lowe with a video clip of the interview and also a picture of herself wearing Bieber merchandise when she was a young girl.

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