Fans Urge Marilyn Manson To Take Care Of His Health After Singer Collapses On Stage

Fans Urge Marilyn Manson To Take Care Of His Health After Singer Collapses On Stage
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Worried fans are urging Marilyn Mason (real name Brian Hugh Warner) to take better care of his health. Currently in the midst of the Twins of Evil 2 joint tour with Rob Zombie, fans are expressing grave concern for the singer who has fallen ill several times. The last incident took place on Saturday, August 18, 2018, when the duo headlined a show near Houston, Texas, and Marilyn Manson collapsed to his knees. He later tweeted an update saying he had ended up in doctor's care. Fans are now expressing fear and worry for the 49-year-old singer.

Manson was singing the iconic cover that catapulted him to fame "Sweet Dreams" while gripping the microphone stand as if he needed support. Before long, the 6'1 artist crumbled to the floor. The lights went dark and it was unclear from video footage if those in attendance were aware Manson was ill.

Regardless of feeling poor and before he collapsed, Manson continued singing and even hit his trademark screams in the song.

You may see video from the performance along with the update Marilyn Manson tweeted describing the incident below.

This wasn't the first time Manson was sick during the tour. On July 27, 2018, he missed the show in Toronto citing the flu.

Manson is scheduled to perform on August 20 in Denver, Colorado and is set to have August 21 off. The tour resumes on August 22 at Salt Lake City, Utah. Fans are expressing worry on various social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that Marilyn Manson may not have a speedy recovery traveling via tour bus.

Though there were many disappointed fans who only saw Manson perform four songs live before leaving the stage, he thanked them for being understanding.

He also stated he gave it his best and described the crowd as amazing. Many agreed that Manson continued to sing at the microphone until he simply couldn't sing anymore.

Manson described the illness as a result of heat poisoning. Fans were quick to rush to the singer's defense and offered support and understanding as they expressed their sympathy for the suffering singer.  Many pointed out that Texas heat is a serious issue and for those not accustomed to it, it can take a toll on the system.

Marilyn Manson is set to continue touring throughout August and will take a break in September. He will then play additional shows towards the end of October.

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