Fans Speculate That Kylie Jenner Knew About BFF Jordyn Woods' Betrayal

Fans Speculate That Kylie Jenner Knew About BFF Jordyn Woods' Betrayal
Credit: Source: ET

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods were as thick as thieves until February 19 when the hottest tea of the year broke the internet -- her sister's boyfriend cheated with her BFF. Considering that the lip kit queen saw Woods as another sister, it's not surprising that people are wondering if Kylie knew about the infidelity.

The middle school friends have been two peas in a pod so much so that they live together. From bringing her along on vacations to including her in business ventures, the pals are inseparable.

In fact, Jordyn was the first person to know about the 'KUWK' star's pregnancy. It seems that the two tell each other everything.

Whether Kylie was aware or not is an especially valid question because the latest report claims that the hookup between Jordyn and Tristan Thompson was not a one-time event. They allegedly have been involved for over a month .

It wasn't until a partygoer that went to a kickback at the basketball player's house and witnessed the two flirting that it was brought to Khloe Kardashian's attention but fans aren't buying that Kylie is innocent in this whole thing.

One fan tweeted: "If Tristan and Jordyn were sneaking around for a month there's no way in h*** that Kylie didn't know already."

Another said: "Kylie is playing this safely. She has yet to unfollow Jordyn which means she's not as shocked and appalled as ppl expect her to be. She honestly probably already knew but doesn't want to look like a bad sister."

While a Jenner stan said: "Yes Khloe is her sister but imagine having a friend that close to you mess up once. Stormi loves her too...even if Kylie knew she might still stay friends with her.

One commentator on a gossip blog made a decent point: "Yes they are best friends but if Tristan and Jordyn only been screwing around for a month it's possible Kylie didn't know because shes been on tour with Travis and Jordyn stay in Calabasas."

What do you think is the truth? Did Kylie know?


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