Fans Speculate That Harry Styles Was The Reason Jason Sudekis And Olivia Wilde Split Up

Fans Speculate That Harry Styles Was The Reason Jason Sudekis And Olivia Wilde Split Up
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It's been a big week in terms of celebrity relationships. Kim and Kanye are currently in the headlines over a rumored divorce and affair - and a bizarre one at that including the likes of Jeffree Star. A new report from Page Six said today that now fans are entirely convinced that Harry Styles was the X-factor that led to the breakup between Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde.

Sources who spoke with the outlet claim Mr. Jason isn't too happy about the romance, for a couple of reasons. Jason and Olivia currently share two young kids together and were married for seven years. It was reported back in November of 2020 that they had called it off.

Part of what has Jason so upset is the fact that Styles and Wilde have actually been seeing each other since October of last year, at least according to the source who spoke with The Post.

Page Six noted two different sides of the story, including the one side which is that Jason and Olivia had already broken up during the start of 2020. The other more salacious side to it is that Harry and Olivia had actually started dating right toward the end of Olivia's romance with Jason.

Moreover, fans have already been speculating that Jason and Olivia's split was facilitated by the relationship with Styles, well before the news media caught on to it. The source went on to say that Jason loves Olivia and is more than devoted to their children; it's part of what makes the rumors so sad.

Rumors first started to swirl last year amid the December Vogue issue for which Harry appeared on the cover while wearing a dress. It was a controversial magazine cover on social media.

Olivia said to the magazine at the time that she was inspired by Harry's confidence in himself, claiming how it was powerful and "kind of extraordinary" that he was able to redefine what a man "with confidence" can look like.


According to another insider, Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles used James Corden's house near Palm Springs as a means for them to hide and keep their romance a secret.


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