Fans Slam WE TV For Publicizing Mama June's Issues And Exploiting Honey Boo Boo As New Season Of From Not To Hot Is Announced

Fans Slam WE TV For Publicizing Mama June's Issues And Exploiting Honey Boo Boo As New Season Of From Not To Hot Is Announced
Credit: Source: WE Tv

After the fate of the TV was believed to be up in the air due to Mama June's latest antics with boyfriend Geno, WE TV revealed a teaser for From Not To Hot: Family Crisis. However, viewers don't think that the show is a good idea.

If you aren't up to date on the most recent news regarding Mama June, she is still on the road with Geno Doak. She took to Instagram to deliver a message that seems like she may be coming around to accept the help her family so desperately wants to give her but sources say the people closest to her think that she is trying to make money.

The WE show last left off with June's family staging an intervention and the matriarch checking out of the facility that she agreed to go to. Since then, there hasn't been much news about a new season of the series.

However, the network released a teaser of Honey Boo Boo eating cereal with a milk carton that displays her mother's mugshot on it as a voiceover questions: 'What's it gonna be like when Mama finally comes home?'

Although there were some fans excited to see what the new installment would be like, there were many who slammed WE for publicizing Mama June's issues and exploiting Honey Boo Boo.

Social media users took to the TMZ Facebook comment section to express their distaste.

'Of course WEtv would capitalize on her absence. Because why the h**l not. This is the same network that supplied tons of alcohol and watched from behind the scenes as Ochocinco's alcoholic mother got her drink on resulting in an intervention by them, like they actually cared to help her. Anything for ratings. Nothing is sacred anymore. Shameful and sad,' said one person.

'They should be ashamed for exploiting these people like this. I truly hope that whatever this little girl is being paid to embarrass herself, irreparably, they're putting it into some kind of account that can't be touched until she's 25 and able to make real life decisions and not so soon that she'll be just like her mom by the time she's 19,' added another.

This person shamed the channel when they said: 'WE tv is disgusting! Promoting this family's problems for profit! If they really care about her help her!'

'TV is the last place June needs to be on. She needs to be in rehab,' commented one.

Do you think WE TV is in the wrong?


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