Fans Say DaBaby Was Robbed At The BET Awards After Getting 12 Nominations And No Wins

Fans Say DaBaby Was Robbed At The BET Awards After Getting 12 Nominations And No Wins
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DaBaby - who became a massive star after the release of Kirk - was a leader at the BET Hip-Hop Awards last night, earning 12 nominations for the record that contributed to his ascension to the top of the hip-hop world with songs like "ROCKSTAR," "BOP," and a few others.

Hot New Hip Hop reported on the general sentiment from fans of the performing artist this week in which social media users expressed their shock over learning that DaBaby didn't earn even one award, despite the fact he was nominated 12 different times.

The Charlotte native wound up losing in all of the categories. According to the outlet, since the news of his 12-time loss was revealed, fans on social media have been saying that DaBaby deserved to be treated better by BET.

Despite the fact many of his fans aren't pleased with how he was treated at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, DaBaby doesn't seem overly concerned about it. On his account, the rapper claimed a lot of people think he should be "trippin'," but he was just happy to be acknowledged.

The rapper went on to say, "congrats to the winners, #WellDeserved." Thus far, the reaction to the news has been mixed, with many people praising DaBaby 's humility and sense of gratitude in the face of a crushing defeat.

However, others, especially in the Hot New Hip Hop comment section, questioned how much the BET Hip-Hop Awards mattered. For instance, one user claimed that "no one cared" about the opinions of a "dying network."

In other news related to the rapper, the Kirk artist was in the headlines after he stated he had "blocked out" his emotions following the death of his father. The rapper claimed that winning felt the same as losing.

Regardless, DaBaby's rise to the top of the rap game has been both exceptional for the rapper in terms of his success, but it has also come with some issues. For instance, DaBaby has been sued and charged a number of times for assault among other accusations.


Amid the Black Lives Matter protests that took off earlier this year, DaBaby took to his account to say that anyone who commented on police brutality without experiencing themselves had no right to talk about it.

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