Fans Remember Corey Haim On What Would Be His 47th Birthday

Fans Remember Corey Haim On What Would Be His 47th Birthday
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Fans are remembering actor Corey Haim on what would be his 47th birthday. The teen heartthrob still has a large number of fans who celebrate his life and remember his movies. Known for his brilliant blue eyes and charmingly good looks, Haim's IMDB star-meter is on the rise.  In honor of his birthday, many fans are watching his most iconic movies including Lucas , The Lost Boys , and License to Drive. Haim suddenly passed away from pneumonia on March 10, 2010. The actor never married though he did come close to walking down the altar.

There was no hiding that Corey Haim had suffered emotional harm due to his Hollywood career. He struggled with various issues that he spoke about publicly. In an interview with Larry King, he discussed addictions he was battling. Haim wasn't a quitter, and every battle that came his way, he did his best to fight. He lost the weight he had gained and fought addictions repeatedly.

His death not only shocked his fans but for his superfans left a void that has yet to be filled.

Corey Haim's family continues to share his art with a social media movement Haim Art Around The World, that is now moving into its second year.  Haim's Art Around The World consists of people purchasing Corey's art then sharing it with others.

For example, when a person purchases Haim's art, whether a print, poster or a unique gift after they receive the item, they photograph themselves with the artwork. The photos are shared on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Haim's art has brought joy and smiles to his most devoted fans who say they miss him to this day.

Though some reports falsely attribute Corey Haim's death to other causes, the official cause of death is listed as pneumonia.

Corey Haim is one of the eighties true icons and as he was born in Canada, he is beloved and recognized as a star in both countries.

Many hashtags began trending on Dec. 23, 2018, in honor of Corey Haim. Some of these include #CoreyHaim, #LostBoys, #LostBoysForever, and #RIPCoreyHaim.

There is a current, fan-based movement to see Corey Haim get a star on both Canada's and California's walk of fame.


Were you one of Corey Haim's fans? Are you remembering him today?

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