Fans Plead With Joe Giudice To Heed Officials Warning As He Takes Videos In Italy During Quarantine

Fans Plead With Joe Giudice To Heed Officials Warning As He Takes Videos In Italy During Quarantine
Credit: Source: Page Six

Joe Giudice is sick of the fear-mongering that officials are inducing surrounding the Coronavirus. The former inmate took to Instagram to slam the quarantine that Italy has been subject to.

Joe is fresh out of the ICE detention center and has seemingly been living his best life in the European country. In addition to being reunited with friends and family while waiting on a decision to see if he could return to the states, Juicy Joe enjoyed a recent vacation in Cuba.

Now that all of Italy has been quarantined, Giudice took to Instagram to give a message that Viagra is killing more people than this virus.

'Literally nobody out because of this stupid coronavirus. It’s, like, ridiculous. People are so scared, unbelievable. Grow a set of cojones. Jesus, this is ridiculous.'


He showed how empty the streets were during his video.

Fans then pleaded for the Real Housewives of New Jersey star to listen to the officials who put the quarantine in place.

'How is people being scared ridiculous! People are scared and should be! Thankfully sensible people are following guidelines and advise!!!' wrote one.

'Sorry Joe but you really need to treag this virus with respect...' added another.

One said: 'You wouldn’t be saying that if you caught it!!! I live in the red’s for the best!!!'

This person saw both sides: 'spreading like wild fire in the UK now too . Stay safe although I do think there is alot of scare monging going on.'

While one follower took the safe route: 'It's not about being scared..simply to contain this virus and preventing the spread. A vicious circle indeed. Best to listen to the lock down and be over with it sooner than later!'

Joe then explained that he is listening to authorities by only going to work and to pick up a few things for the elderly who weren't prepared.

What do you think about this universal panic?


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