Fans Of KUWK Angry About Calvin Klein Ad, Say Kim Looks ‘Like An Alien’ Due To Excessive Photoshop - Check Out The Pic Here!

Fans Of KUWK Angry About Calvin Klein Ad, Say Kim Looks ‘Like An Alien’ Due To Excessive Photoshop - Check Out The Pic Here!

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians were not happy with the sisters’ Calvin Klein ad! While some were angry that Kylie Jenner hid her baby bump in the pictures, others took to social media to slam Kim for looking nothing like herself!

Users insist that she is unrecognizable as the pictures seem heavily photoshopped.

Even diehard fans were outraged and thought that Kim did not even look like she’s from planet Earth!

‘I am certainly not a hater because I loooooove the Kardashians. But the Photoshop on this pic is ridiculous. And I do not mean Kylie. Why does Kim look like an actual alien? That is not how she really looks,’ the fan tweeted.

Meanwhile, others were convinced she had a look-alike stand-in or a wax replica or something because they do not think that was her at all!

‘Okay, I see ken, kourt and ky .... but where the hell is kim and khloe? Can someone tell mr. Klein that that's not what they look like?’ one comment read.

As we mentioned before, fans were not only angry about Kim’s face looking way too photoshopped to the point that it wasn't her anymore, but also about Kylie covering her baby bump with a blanket in the snaps.

‘#calvinklien ad- they can Photoshop @KimKardashian enough to make us question whether it is really her, but they cannot Photoshop @KylieJenner bump out, she has to wear A DUVET,’ one outraged fan tweeted.

But that’s the thing! We’re sure Kylie wanted to further fuel the pregnancy speculations without actually officially announcing it.

Besides, we should be glad we even got to see as much of Kylie as we did because this sort of public exposure has been a rare occurrence in recent months.

Do you agree that the photoshop job on Kim was really too much?


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  • Charlene Manning
    Charlene Manning Jan 24, 2018 3:13 PM PST

    Wow this Keylie thing must really be big news. Who cares if she is pregnant and is having issues with her baby daddy. Wow the blessings and curse for being in the public eye? The public is never going to leave you alone Keylie until you say something or have the baby. At the end of the day your business is your own.

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