Fans Hope Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Get Back Together As Report Says 'She Always Had A Soft Spot'

Fans Hope Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Get Back Together As Report Says 'She Always Had A Soft Spot'
Credit: Source: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella just celebrated Thanksgiving, but fans are going crazy hoping that Gigi and Zayn Malik will get back together. A new report from Us Weekly suggests that Gigi has always had a soft spot in her heart for Zayn and fans are hoping that after their near year break up, a reunion is on the horizon. Zayn and Gig were together for three years, though they had an on-again-off-again type of relationship, they had a strong fan base who hoped the couple would last.

According to Us Weekly, a source dished the following on the couple's potential reunion.

"Gigi has always had a soft spot for Zayn and they have a lot of history together. They are definitely not getting back together but are on good terms right now."

With reports that Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid recently unfollowed each other on social media platforms, the fact that these two still talk after breaking up is encouraging to many who hope to see them back together.

Gigi has been busy with her modeling career and is spending a lot of time with her close friend Kacey Musgraves. Gigi and Kacey were together at the Country Music Awards and spent time together living it up in Nashville, Tennessee.

There's no word regarding whether Gigi spent any time with Zayn lately and it doesn't appear they have seen each other in person. It's also unclear whether Zayn and Gigi have spoken over the Thanksgiving holiday break, but fans are hoping that they will get a glimpse of the two of them together again, somewhere and soon.

Gigi's Thanksgiving seemed to be a quiet celebration with family and her sister, Bella Hadid shared some photos of Gigi dressed for the occasion while holding a tray of chocolate cupcakes that Gigi baked and decorated to look like turkeys. The Hadid's seem to have plenty of domestic capabilities in addition to being supermodels and Gigi's cupcakes looked flawless.

As Gigi recently filmed a guest spot on Beat Bobby Flay, it appears that cooking is a past time and hobby she thoroughly enjoys.

What do you think of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik reconnecting? Do you hope that they eventually get back together?

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