Fans Find Real Reason Why Khloe Kardashian Always Covers Baby True's Head -- Tristan Thompson's Daughter Still Looks Cute In The Pictures

Fans Find Real Reason Why Khloe Kardashian Always Covers Baby True's Head -- Tristan Thompson's Daughter Still Looks Cute In The Pictures
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In almost every picture of baby True Thompson shared by her mother, Khloe Kardashian, she is wearing something on her head.

Sometimes the 10-month-old wears a hat or a beanie. Other times, her mom puts a turban or headband.

While True is more than adorable; a few fans are going after Tristan Thompson's girlfriend because they now know why she is hiding True's hair -- many believe that Khloe is having a tough time figuring out how to manage the child pretty curls.

Many new moms of biracial children have expressed their frustration finding the right products for their hair.

One person told the reality star: "Right! She is having the baby in the pool/ocean somewhere wearing a damn turban on her head in 80-degree weather. Folks always trying to justify the sh*t Khloe does. SMH."

Another commenter stated: "She always got that babies head covered and she ain't even outside... What is going on? She doesn’t know what to do with Trues hair but wanted a black baby so bad 😂😂😂 now where is the daddy? Even when they in Hot ass Cali the baby head is covered. So that ain't the reason either."

Khloe will be having more hair to comb soon because she is eager for baby number two.

She recently confessed: “Goodness, I don’t know. I love [True] so much, and I’m so complete because of her! I could only imagine another one would make me feel even more complete, but I just don’t know. I guess only time will tell and whatever God wants for me.”

A source told Hollywood Life : “Khloe is deeply in love with Tristan, she realizes plenty of people are against them as a couple, but she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She is shutting out all the noise and is focused on her and Tristan, and they are extremely happy right now. So much so that she would be overjoyed to have another child with him this year. It’s all in the hands of mother nature, she’s not going to stress about it, but no one in her circle would be surprised if she and Tristan have another child in 2019.”

Khloe's critics never go to sleep.

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  • Proud
    Proud Apr 11, 2019 12:43 AM PDT

    OMG. First off, mixed children, especially at that young of an age have the most silly soft hair on the planet. At that age and almost all of a mixed young childs life, there will be nothing for them to manage. They don't get that nappy hard to handle hair. Everyone who is so mad and ignorant - go do something else with your time. Interracial relationships are here and are only getting stronger. Maybe stop with the ABW routine. Try being nice to your men instead of a controlling B with an attitude. Try being loving and respectful to him. Wash you freaking hair wash your private parts, stop wearing shower caps at home and maybe, just maybe YOU CAN KEEP THEM... We don't take them from you - you hand deliver them right to our door with a huge bow! So sick of all of the anger and resentment that YOU are causing now getting mad cuz you're being left and or cheated on. GTFOOH. Bye ... Love you Khloe. Do your thing.

    KIMBERLY MILLER Jan 29, 2019 9:40 AM PST

    I cannot believe Khloe's reason for headwrapping is that she doesn't know how to comb Black hair -- she's not changing diapers in those nails, and it is highly doubtful she is combing True's hair -- she doesn't even comb her OWN hair! So...a birthmark? A need to associate Aunt Jemima with her baby's look? We KNOW your baby's father is Black -- your daughter looks like his clone! No resemblance to Khloe at all! But, really, let that baby's scalp breathe and let the sunshine warm her soul! Save the headwraps for windy, chilly days -- you're not in Cleveland!

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