Fans Fear That Summer Walker May Be In An Abusive Relationship With London On Da Track After Watching This Video

Fans Fear That Summer Walker May Be In An Abusive Relationship With London On Da Track After Watching This Video
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Summer Walker and London On Da Track have an on and off relationship. While most of their public moments have been cute, fans are now fearing that the R&B songstress may be in an abusive relationship.

In a video posted-and-deleted to London's Instagram, the producer has his hands around his girlfriend's neck who tells him that she's uncomfortable. She explains that while it's meant to be cute it actually hurts to which London makes her say that she loves him before he lets her go.

The expression on her face seems that she was in pain but she also had a smile that confused viewers.


While some fans claim that they were just joking around others feel that she was being serious and his behavior was troubling.

Another detail that made Walker's followers second guess the incident is that she shared an informative post about help one can get if they are quarantined with an abusive partner. It also doesn't help that Summer suffers from mental health issues -- something that she's been public about .

Some viewers took to Twitter to express their concern.

' that video of summer walker and londonondatrack made me hella worried for her. i wouldn’t be surprised if he was abusing her,' said one.

Another added: 'Ugh Londonondatrack and summer walker has me a little disturbed. she look uncomfortable asf.'

This user wrote: ' So nobody else was hella uncomfortable watching Summer Walker and LondonOnDaTrack video'


'I don’t see how people are making light of this after watching that. Idk how y’all’s relationship are but my man would never hold me like that especially if it hurts. He could’ve easily tilted her chin for a kiss but he was being possessive and fronting for the cam. I get she’s grown and can leave but I also understand being dumb in love with someone and hope she realizes she deserve better,' commented another on a repost of the video.

What do you think about this situation?

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