Fans Disagree With Will Smith Following The Actor's Revelation That He Correctly Chose To Back Out Of "The Matrix"

Fans Disagree With Will Smith Following The Actor's Revelation That He Correctly Chose To Back Out Of "The Matrix"
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Will Smith, after much probing from his son, Jaden, has begun his slow and inevitable take over of social media. According to multiple reports, Mr. Smith recently took his talents over to Google's platform, YouTube, where the I, Robot star dished on the day he turned down the now-iconic film franchise, The Matrix.

According to Will, the reasoning for why he turned down the role was related mostly to the plot, but also for fear of being type-casted. Will claims he didn't really understand what it was about. Will said that in the late 1990s, following a string of movies about aliens including Independence Day and Men In Black , Will decided not to star in The Matrix.

The star said below:

When the Wachowski brothers spoke to him about the role, he didn't want to be type-casted as "the alien movie guy," and moreover, he didn't really get the film, "I didn't get it when I read it," the actor remarked.

Looking back on it now, the actor expounded, he wishes he would've given it a shot, however, Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne did it quite well. "I did Y'all a favor," the actor remarked, stating that there would've been two black guys in the movie, Laurence as Morpheus.

In the case of the Wachowski brothers choosing Will over Keanu, they would've decided on Val Kilmer for the role of Morpheus. The actor stated that he was doing us all a favor by backing out of the project.

As most know, Val Kilmer has found himself at the center of multiple embarrassing social media blunders in the last few years. Following the death of Anthony Bourdain, Kilmer took to his social media to say that Mr. Bourdain was selfish.

Additionally, the actor once again brushed aside rumors that he had throat cancer. The star was furious when a fellow actor revealed his personal business in the media. In the 1990s and 1980s, Val was famous for his character in Top Gun as well as in Batman. However, in subsequent years, his career took a turn for the worse.

While it was probably a great move for Will to avoid The Matrix, some of his fans online have been far less forgiving, with some, in particular, stating that it would've been one of the greatest franchises of all time, had he been in it.

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