Fans Defend Kandi Burruss For Entertaining Dennis McKinley's Alleged Mistress

Fans Defend Kandi Burruss For Entertaining Dennis McKinley's Alleged Mistress
Credit: Source: Bravo

The woman at the middle of the Dennis McKinley and Porsha Williams cheating scandal is set to make her debut of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. After watching a sneak peek, some fans have decided to call out Kandi Burruss for being messy -- and others aren't having it.

In the clip, Cynthia Bailey and Kandi are out having drinks when they get sent some by a woman. The stranger turns out to be Sincerely Ward who brings up that she was named Dennis' mistress in an explosive vlog by Tasha K.

It didn't sound like a confession, it seems as though Sincerely was saying it to deny the claims and maybe ask Kandi for help clearing her name with Porsha.

In the comment section of a RHOA Facebook page, users were split on their opinions of the woman choosing to speak to Kandi.

One said: 'Why is Kandi always involved into Porsha and Dennis's love life is she jealous of Porsha or Todd is not enough for her.'

Another added: 'I sure hope Kandi don't start this season out being in Porsha's business. Because she said that she wasn't going to get involved in Porsha's and Dennis's relationship I sure hope she kept her word and turn old girl around but I'm sure she didn't and I don't know why they all seek Kandi to tell the tea to.'


'Why does someone always seem to pop up at Kandi’s place of businesses to drop some bomb about one of the cast. Sincerely is well wearing a mic. Don’t tell me this wasn’t planned,' observed one commentator.

Meanwhile, this fan came to Burruss' defense with: 'This is misleading. The girl clearly knows Kandi. And if you watch in the clip, shes not admitting to being a mistress. Shes saying according to this blog, shes the mistress. Big difference and people are reading too deep into a 30 second snippet. It probably wont be anytbing like theyre trying to make it seem. And if youve been watching any type of reality tv, you should know, its never what it seems.'

Another wrote: 'From the clip it looks like the girl is saying it ain't true. She says I'm "supposedly " the mistress. Y'all are really looking for reasons not to like Kandi, smh.'

Do you think Kandi is wrong for entertaining Sincerely Ward?


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