Fans Believe Kamala Harris May Be Responsible For Lil' Kim's Imprisonment - But She Wasn't

Fans Believe Kamala Harris May Be Responsible For Lil' Kim's Imprisonment - But She Wasn't
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According to a report from, Kamala Harris, who's running for the presidency of the United States, has been accused of indirectly being responsible for sending Lil' Kim to prison.

In a clip from Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown , Harris, who was the San Francisco District Attorney at the time, appeared briefly on the show and explained part of the reasoning for the verdict.

In one episode of the series, Harris can be heard saying that she and other prosecutors are doing their best not to "glorify the gangster." Despite the fact, Kamala wasn't being overly compassionate toward Lil' Kim, she wasn't involved with Kim's indictment in 2005.

Previously, Lil' Kim, also known as Kimberly Denise Jones, was being tried in New York, and not in San Francisco, where Kamala was serving as the DA. The "Lighters Up" rapper was accused of perjury in front of a grand jury regarding a 2001 New York City shooting.

The jury found Kim guilty of three counts of perjury as well as one count of conspiracy, however, she was acquitted on obstruction of justice charges. Consequently, she was demanded to pay a $50,000 fine as well as serve 366 days in prison.

The issue of Kamala's history as a district attorney of San Francisco has become a talking point among her critics, some of which who are running for the position as the Democratic nominee. The next debate will be in the second week of September.

Among Kamala, there will be Senator Cory Booker, Senator Elizabeth Warren, as well as Joe Biden competing for the position. According to a report from The Guardian, Kamala Harris recently stood before a crowd and condemned the actions of the El Paso, Texas shooter, who shot and killed over twenty people.

The former DA of San Francisco, among other Democratic nominees, laid the blame for the shooter's actions on the president's rhetoric.

This is the second time Lil' Kim has found herself in the headlines in the last month, following her refusal to appear on several talk shows due to not putting "respect" on her name. Media insiders said, however, that it was they who canceled performances due to "unreasonable" requests.

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