Fans Believe Jeffree Star And Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt May Have Broken Up

Fans Believe Jeffree Star And Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt May Have Broken Up
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Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt might be heading for splitsville, a report from Page Six suggested. Fans online have been speculating that the 5-year-duo may be gearing up for separation, with rumors first starting at the beginning of the year.

In a statement to Paper Magazine, the 34-year-old YouTuber revealed he had to cancel his European tour on account of personal turmoil. It was scheduled to begin on the 10th of January.

MMMMitchelle, the makeup artist, was in talks to appear alongside Jeffree Star in cities such as Amsterdam and Dublin, however, MMMMitchell referenced personal drama on his IG stories, hinting they have called off their relationship.

Paraphrasing the makeup artist's comments on social media, MMMMitchell was feeling a variety of negative emotions following the news the tour wouldn't be going as planned. "I also feel upset because my friend is upset," Mitchell added.

MMMMitchell went on to say that he wished he could make Jeffree Star feel better, but it wasn't that easy. Star hasn't commented on the rumors yet, but he did eliminate the tag-line in his profile, "wife of Nathan," from his IG bio.

As it was previously reported, the couple has been dating since 2015 and just recently moved into a house. It's not uncommon for Schwandt to make his way on to Jeffree's makeup channel. Earlier in 2019, Star was in the media for more positive reasons.

Reported by Charisse Van Horn back in September, Star was on social media to show off a make-up tutorial his 100-year-old grandmother sent to him. Star's video was from 1969, and much of the tools used in the tutorial were very basic and old-school.

For fans of cosmetics and the history of the art, the developments over the last fifty years have been sensational. Jeffree, for instance, had to go without some of the more modern cosmetic inventions that make-up users have gotten used too.

As fans of Star know, he has also been in the headlines in the past for talking badly about Kylie Jenner's company and product-line.

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