Fans Believe Eminem Might Drop A Surprise Album This Year

Fans Believe Eminem Might Drop A Surprise Album This Year
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Eminem has been given a hard time over the last couple of years, starting with the release of Revival , an album that wasn't appreciated by fans nor critics alike. Regardless of whatever hate comes his way, Eminem has continued to put out successful records.

In fact, Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Eminem might actually be dropping a new record sometime in the next twenty-four hours, despite the fact he just released Music To Be Murdered By near the start of 2020, featuring the likes of Juice WRLD and more.

According to the outlet, Eminem fans started speculating that there was a new record coming out back in November. Fans believed it would be released this month sometime before the end of the year.

The rumors intensified when a cover of Music To Be Murdered By made its way around social media, sparking users to wonder if there would be a deluxe version of the record. KXNG Crooked also addressed the rumor but neither denied nor confirmed it.

Not long after the purported album cover began spreading online, fake tracklists started to prop up as well, which Hot New Hip Hop says is a regular occurrence when it comes to Eminem records. Some of the fake tracklists included people like Snoop Dogg , Cardi B, and Elton John.

Fast forward to today, and many music outlets have stated that it appears to be confirmed that a "Side B" of Music To Be Murdered By was going to come out tonight around midnight. Eminem and Paul Rosenberg haven't touched on it though.

Some of Eminem's producers added fuel to the fire as well when they posted pictures of Alfred Hitchcock, the director whom Eminem felt inspired by.


As it was previously reported, Eminem released his album, Music To Be Murdered By, on the 17th of January, 2020, just one month after it was reported that Juice WRLD had died. Marshall Mathers was criticized by some who speculated he had capitalized on the publicity surrounding Juice WRLD's death with the song, "Godzilla" which featured the fallen artist.

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