Fans barely recognized the transformed Mischa Barton

Fans barely recognized the transformed Mischa Barton
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Mischa Barton became famous all over the world after she played the main role in the TV series The Lonely Hearts, but after this project, such successful projects did not appear in her filmography.

A few years ago, the actress tried to participate in the restart of the popular reality show Hollywood Hills, but soon the producers decided to get rid of her.

Since then, fans have been waiting for a bright streak to begin in Misha's life. True, they manage to recognize the star in new frames with difficulty.

Barton doesn't catch the eye of street photographers all that often, so recent paparazzi snapshots of the 36-year-old celebrity in Studio City surprised netizens.

Barton, dressed in a white Aerosmith-print T-shirt and navy blue pants, was on her way to recycle her clothes.

After that, the actress, obviously tired from the heat, decided to taste ice drinks. The actress posed for photographers without makeup and casually collected hair.

"What happened to her?", "I can't even believe it, because she was such a beauty," "Completely unrecognizable, but maybe that's for the best," "It seems to me that only her skin remains perfect," "I would like to again see her on the screen," Internet users responded in the comments to the frames.

Many of the other original cast members returned to the new version of the teen drama, including Heidi Montag and her husband, Spencer Pratt, Whitney Port, and Brody Jenner.

Before the premiere of the first season, Mesha explained how she rejoined the show in the hope of overcoming her statement.

"I think there have always been a lot of mysteries around me. It's fun to let people see me! 'She told Glamor.

Earlier, Misha Barton had a love affair with Jon Zacharias, who in 2017 spread a sex tape that saw Misha as the protagonist without her consent.


A few months later, Misha manages to win in court, and the distribution of the video is immediately stopped.


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