Fans Are Slamming Snapchat After It Used An Inappropriate Ad Referencing Rihanna's Past Abuse

Fans Are Slamming Snapchat After It Used An Inappropriate Ad Referencing Rihanna's Past Abuse
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It looks like Snapchat has quite a few more issues than an update that none of its users like. On the heels of a bunch of disgruntled users, the platform decided to clear a joke via an advertisement game that many people are upset about.

The ad is fashioned in the manner of a question. A popular game that is often played amongst friends or even on talk shows called "Would You Rather?" except the choices were downright disgraceful. One of which was 'Slap Rihanna' or 'Punch Chris Brown.'

When fans got wind of this they were incredibly upset and offended. Given the tumultuous and abusive history that Rihanna withstood during her relationship with Chris Brown, this reaction makes sense.

Back in 2009, the then-couple went to court due to domestic assault charges against Brown stemming from an incident that took place in Brown's car where he physically assaulted Rihanna.

A spokesperson for Snapchat released a statement saying that the ad was approved in error and that the platform was sorry that it happened. The spokesperson also said that it violates their advertising guidelines. The ad was taken down as soon as the issue was brought to the attention of Snapchat.

To make light of domestic violence at the expense of an individual's very real experience, pain and trauma is truly awful. Whoever did approve the ad clearly saw no issue with it or was counting on the fact that it would incense users.

Domestic abuse is a ubiquitous issue in our society with statistics claiming that 1 in 4 women will be in an abusive relationship during the course of her life.

Violent men abusing women who trust and love them is nothing new, but the issue seems to continue to get worse as nearly half of murdered women are killed by romantic partners.

There is a culture that has been breed and continues to be protected that allows men to think they can harass, accost, demean, abuse, rape, and even murder women.

This is seen in many different forms and fashions. Making light of it for the sake of some silly social media advertisement is cheap and low and really terrible.

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