Fans Are Given Signs By Jason Momoa That Ben Affleck Will Reprise His Role As Batman

Fans Are Given Signs By Jason Momoa That Ben Affleck Will Reprise His Role As Batman
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The Oscar winner has stoked suspicions that he will play Batman again in Aquaman 2 yet again. After Jason Momoa posted a picture of Ben and himself on the Warner Bros. set, where they were observed by tourgoers, the good news was revealed.

Despite being unable to discuss his plans just yet, muscular Momoa has already informed his followers that he is back on set. Jason instead promoted his Mananalu Water reusable aluminum bottles.

"Since I can't say more at this time, all I can do is express my gratitude to one of my favorite production companies for inviting me and for protecting the environment. In his video address, he did, however, mention some positive developments.

The final component was endearing footage of him grinning as he describes how the tour group allegedly grabbed him and Affleck just as they were leaving the set.

"Well, I guess it's no longer a secret, is it? That is what occurs, Warner Bros. when you leave the set and our followers are waiting for you. Well, we tried to keep it under wraps," Momoa stated before he even apologized for cussing in front of the kids and catching supporters giggling on the tour bus.

Jason also displayed pictures of the Justice League team conversing backstage, in which Affleck may be seen wearing the popular Bruce Wayne disguise. The DCEU superhero film was finished in December, but it appears that the blockbuster is still in the works and will be released in March 2023.


Ben made his debut as the Dark Knight in the 2016 movie, having previously stated that he took on the role of Batman for the benefit of his children. He has at least five times since then worn the cloak, but it seems the actor is not ready to put an end to this cult legend.

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