Fans Are Eagerly Awaiting Harry Styles' Response To X-Rated Louis Tomlinson Scene In HBO's Euphoria

Fans Are Eagerly Awaiting Harry Styles' Response To X-Rated Louis Tomlinson Scene In HBO's Euphoria
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According to a report from The Daily Beast, the HBO series, Euphoria, recently took the cake for perhaps one of the most shocking moments on TV this year. Reportedly, the show features an animated rendition of Harry Styles giving Louis Tomlinson, also a former One Directioner, oral sex backstage.

Euphoria previously stirred the pot when they featured a scene of the men's locker room in which there were a reported 30 p*nises. Euphoria's One Direction scene, thus far, has stirred up quite the reaction from people on social media, especially fans of the now-defunct boy-band.

Reportedly, the animated sequence was brought to life by the character from the show, Kat, played by Barbie Ferreira. In the larger context of the show, however, the scene wasn't quite as offensive as one would think. According to The Daily Beast, Barbie Ferreira's character, Kat, in the show, is famous for writing a fan faction epic which is titled, Larry Stylinson.

Some fans of One Direction weren't pleased with the way in which the HBO series coopted the legacy of the band in such an incendiary way. However, others took it for what it was and laughed at the sheer ridiculousness and offensiveness of the clip.

As it was previously reported, One Direction split up a few years ago with Zayn Malik leaving the band first, followed by Harry Styles and then the other members. While Malik enjoyed a brief stint in the limelight with the release of his hit single, "Pillow Talk," his infamy quickly subsided.

Some people on social media believe it had to do with Zayn not wanting to do interviews and other press. Others insinuated it was because his relationship with an international supermodel, Gigi Hadid, died out.

Harry Styles embarked on a solo career as well, and while he has garnered success, he has never been the target of massive media publicity since the band first disbanded. Liam Payne had a child with his girlfriend, Cheryl Cole, however, they split up recently due to unspecified reasons.

Nevertheless, fans of the disintegrated boy-band are eagerly awaiting Harry Styles' response to the Euphoria episode.


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