Fans are begging Margot Robbie to dye her hair because of the Amsterdam

Fans are begging Margot Robbie to dye her hair because of the Amsterdam
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Numerous fans of Margot Robbie are looking forward to seeing her as Barbie. Recall that now she is starring in a film dedicated to the legendary doll.

And Ryan Gosling became her partner in the film crew. But when exactly this film will be released on the screens is still unknown, but soon it will be possible to watch "Amsterdam," which has collected an incredible number of stars.

On July 7, the official trailer for the project appeared on the Web. And Margo, whom we are used to seeing as a blonde, is depicted there with dark brown hair. I must say that this shade is very suitable for Robbie.

Some fans even believe that the actress should change her hair and remain brown-haired or dark-blond forever.

"Everything is perfect in this film already at the trailer stage. And I would like to mention Margot Robbie separately.

Now I don't understand at all why she dyes herself blonde?", "Margot is a brown-haired woman. Looks just great. I want her to leave this hair color", "I really like how Margo looks in the film. Her ability to transform is extremely surprising," Internet users responded in the comments.

Margot Robbie, Christian Bale, and John David Washington are great actors who will play the lead roles in the film. Fans are sure that the producers only chose Margo because she will not let the extremely talented Christian outshine her.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the story "has been billed as the epic crime of three close friends who find themselves in the middle of one of the most incredible secret plots in American history."


It remains to be seen, but a bold sketch of the film is in the trailer, which shows Ruby, Washington, and Bell fighting to clear their names when they are told to "put a dead white man in a box." Has been charged.

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