Family Of Joycelyn Savage Threatens New Lawsuit Against Anyone Who Claims They're Supporting R. Kelly With Patreon

Family Of Joycelyn Savage Threatens New Lawsuit Against Anyone Who Claims They're Supporting R. Kelly With Patreon
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The family of R. Kelly's purported girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, doesn't want anything to do with the recent fake Patreon account in support of the R & B artist. In fact, the family has gone so far as to threaten a lawsuit against anyone who associates their name with it.

Earlier this week, the lawyers of the family, including Timothy Savage, sent out a cease and desist letter to the blogger, Tasha K, threatening the online journalist with legal action. Reportedly, the blog "defamed" the couple with several posts regarding the family, Joycelyn, and R. Kelly.

Obtained by the outlet, TMZ, the Savages accused Tasha of making false claims and statements, including allegations of drug abuse, possession of audio recordings, as well as the creation of the Patreon account, which supposedly was owned by Joycelyn.

Patreon had to shut down the account, however, representatives for the company never revealed if Joycelyn really was responsible for the account's creation. Tasha, on her YouTube channel, alleged that Savage's family was the one to make the donation page.

As it was previously reported, this is another problem in the legal world for the online blogger, following reports of her dispute with the "Bodak Yellow" rapper, Cardi B. Gerald Griggs, the attorney for the family, explicitly stated that the statements were most definitely defamation.

Joycelyn's family also want the blogger to remove all of the posts about the statements, pay for their lawyer, or else a lawsuit is coming down the pipes. Followers of R. Kelly's case know that it was the Savage family's allegations to BuzzFeed which kicked off the second round of sexual misconduct accusations involving the R & B singer.

Following the initial controversy, more and more women came out about their stories of abuse, however, it wasn't until the airing of Lifetime's docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, when tables really started to turn, and for the worse, for the formerly legendary singer.

Currently, R. Kelly is fighting a legal battle for the future of his life at the same time as Harvey Weinstein, the embattled Hollywood producer.

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  • Chadwich Smith
    Chadwich Smith Dec 4, 2019 11:49 AM PST

    File one on me I support R. Kelly and will always . Why everyone turning there back on him where is the proof. To be honest if you go after him go after all the other one

  • Tracey Davis
    Tracey Davis Dec 2, 2019 11:32 AM PST

    Her family cannot tell me what to believe.

  • Sonia Giles
    Sonia Giles Dec 1, 2019 6:03 PM PST

    Am I the only one to remember her interview with Gayle King, where she practically insults Gayle in every single question on the nature of her relationship with R. Kelly, I personally think he’s where he belongs but to believe her story now! After what she said on national television..🤔🤔

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