Families Of The Stunt Pilots Who Died On Set Of New Movie Claim Tom Cruise Is Also To Blame!

Families Of The Stunt Pilots Who Died On Set Of New Movie Claim Tom Cruise Is Also To Blame!
Source: vulture.com

We have learned that Tom Cruise is also to blame for the fatal crash of two stuntmen on the set of his new movie. As you may remember, back in June, sadly enough two pilots fell to their deaths while doing an elaborate and dangerous stunt in the air on American Made’s set.

The mourning families did not waste any time before blaming the film’s crew for not making sure they would be safe performing the tasks, and now, it looks like they are putting the blame on the actor as well.

New court documents have revealed that Alan Purwin and Carlos Berl’s familes claimed it was director Doug Liman and Tom Cruise’s desire to film a high-risk stunt that led to the professional pilots’ untimely deaths.

‘The demands of filming in Colombia, together with Cruise’s and director Doug Liman’s enthusiasm for multiple takes of lavish flying sequences, added hours to every filming day and added days to the schedule,’ the legal document reads.

Purwin’s close ones have also revealed some emails they received from Purwin in which he called the upcoming movie ‘the most insane s**t’ he had ever done, adding that there is a very thin line between doing those high-risk stunts and actually getting in an accident – which ultimately happened.

Before plummeting to their death, both pilots agreed that it was the most dangerous project they had ever done.

The relatives finally said that Cruise was well aware of the huge risks and that is also why he did not fly the plane himself despite being a qualified pilot as well.

Aside from suing the production, the pained families are also filing lawsuits against each other as well as Lee Garland, who survived the crash.

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