'Fake Melania' Conspiracy Theory Gains New Traction — Does The First Lady Send A Body Double For Appearances With Donald Trump?

'Fake Melania' Conspiracy Theory Gains New Traction — Does The First Lady Send A Body Double For Appearances With Donald Trump?
Credit: Source: White House

There's a conspiracy theory that might seem laughable at first but is gaining traction as more people believe it is plausible. Essentially, the theory is that First Lady Melania Trump is using a body double when she is called upon to attend any type of presidential function alongside Donald Trump. The top reason circulating social media why Melania would need a body double is that she can't stand to be near President Trump.

When the President and Melania Trump appeared in Alabama after the tornadoes, Melania appeared to be about a half-foot shorter than the president. People also suggested that Melania's face is very smooth and her skin tight, yet the woman photographed in Alabama appeared to have signs of aging, including jowls on her face.

For many, there is no other explanation for the change in Melania's jawline and chin than it is a fake Melania. Over the weekend, social media was full of people who weren't just discussing the conspiracy theory, but saying the completely believed it.

While there have been many conspiracy theories tied to politics over the years, this may be the first time the First Lady has been accused of using a body double because she can't stand to be around her husband.

Some social media users also pointed out that the First Lady held President Donald Trump's hand while in Alabama. They noticed that in the past, Melania doesn't tend to hold his hand and has at times been seen brushing his hand aside. Is the new, Melania fake because she's willing to hold Donald Trump's hand?

Many say yes. They believe that Melania does not hold the president's hand or engage in physical contact with him and to see anything of the sort in public means the body double is taking Melania's place.

Others say that there is no fake Melania and the woman in Alabama holding Donald Trump's hand really was the First Lady. They say she appeared shorter because she was not wearing high heels. No one has offered a valid reason as to why Melania's face appeared to be more wrinkled and showed signs of aging.

Did you see the headline news about fake Melania in the past week? What do you think about the theory? Is it comical, ridiculous, or plausible?


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