Fake Melania Conspiracy Strikes Again As People Accuse First Lady Of Having A Stand-In Body Double

Fake Melania Conspiracy Strikes Again As People Accuse First Lady Of Having A Stand-In Body Double
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The Fake Melania conspiracy strikes again as people are accusing the First Lady of having a stand-in, body double. This isn't the first time the accusation has been made and now it has resurfaced on Twitter and Facebook. The conspiracy resurfaced after Melania Trump was still dealing with the side effects of COVID-19 and was unable to accompany her husband to a rally. Then, on Thursday, Melania and President Donald Trump boarded Marine One, and photos of the two smiling at cameras have people saying Melania looks different.

The first thing that most people are saying indicates the woman in the photo is a body double is that Melania's smile is larger than normal. People are also saying the fake Melania 's forehead is smaller and her nose is pointier.

Twitter has blown up with the conspiracy theory and celebrities are joining in, sharing photos and leaving comments of how they don't believe the woman with President Trump is the real Melania.

Frozen's Josh Gad said this.

There is legit a fake Melania walking around with the President of the United States and we’re all just like “okay,cool.” I’m legit losing my mind at how we’ve gotten to such a batshit crazy normal that the Country is just giving a shoulder shrug emoji to this INSANITY.

Star Trek's George Takei weighed in on the controversy.

Though #FakeMelania is trending and there are millions of people claiming that the photo proves Donald Trump hired a stand-in to accompany him at the presidential debate, the woman who stood on the platform with him after President Trump and Joe Biden had their final sparring on national television looked very much like the real Melania Trump .

What do you think about the Fake Melania conspiracy theory? Do you think Melania Trump really accompanied President Trump at the presidential debate or do you think he has hired a stand-in for her?

Does Melania Trump have a body double attending political events in her place?


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