Faith Evans Remembers Smoking A Joint With Whitney Houston

Faith Evans Remembers Smoking A Joint With Whitney Houston
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According to a report from, Faith Evans will stop by TV One's Uncensored on Sunday, however, producers reportedly chose to omit certain stories she told, including one about Whitney Houston. During the chat, Faith dished on her favorite memories during her marriage to Biggie Smalls, as well as the aforementioned singer, Houston.

According to Faith, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston used to live in the same country club as her and her ex at one point, so one day, they actually came to their house. According to Faith, Bobby and Whitney had this thing where they would dance and swear at each other.

Evans reminisced on something Houston said to her, stating, "Faith, we got to do a reality show," and Faith told her in response that this was the first episode. Regarding Houston and smoking weed, Faith stated she and Whitney really started hanging out when Biggie was shot and killed.

Houston invited her out to Donatella Versace's home in 1997, and according to her, Whitney gave her an outfit to wear, and when she arrived at the party, there were men there without any shirts on "serving platters."

This marks the second time this week where an old friend of Houston's offered up personal stories and memories. Earlier this week, it was reported by multiple outlets that Whitney's close friend, Robyn Crawford, finally admitted to their sexual relationship.

Robyn made her stories known in the memoir, A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston. In the book, Robyn explained that for years, she and Whitney had a sexual relationship. In the book, Crawford also claimed Whitney was abusing cocaine long before she started hanging around Bobby Brown.

Crawford explained that the belief Brown was the one to get Whitney into drinks was simply false. Crawford claimed she was already using cocaine and other drugs before meeting Brown, and while it wasn't that frequent, she would, on occasion, "overdo it."

After discussing the problem with Whitney, Crawford noticed Houston was really struggling to quit. Additionally, Brown wasn't even her first choice in men, considering she had initially been more interested in Eddie Murphy.

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