Fadi Fawaz's Cryptic Posts Start Speculations George Michael Was Already Buried!

Fadi Fawaz's Cryptic Posts Start Speculations George Michael Was Already Buried!
Credit: Source: harryhunks.com

George Michael’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz sparked speculations that the late star’s secret funeral has already taken place when he posted an artistic picture of a church on social media.

On Monday evening, the photographer shared the beautiful photo of a church at twilight on Twitter, starting rumors that the singer was buried at night in order to assure the ceremony will remain private.

Although at first the pic was uploaded without a caption, leaving the fans guessing, he then added one, saying it was just a church he drove past in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and that he just through it was pretty.

“Beaconsfield church. Went for a drive yesterday and loved the town and specially this church.”


The fans were still impressed by the photographer’s skills and noticed how the tree in front of the church appears to be smiling.

Fadi even replied to one of the people who was speculating about the private funeral already taking place, saying: “It would be just smart to get the simple facts correct about me in order to have a chance to believe what you saying is correct.”

However, Fawaz left the fans in a state of confusion once again when he posted a link to an article talking about the family’s funeral plans for George Michael, with the caption: “9 days ago.”

Did Fawaz refer to the day when the article was published or to the fact that the star was put to rest more than a week ago?

“What 9 days ago? Really, I don’t want to know everything… but is it about the article or funeral? I’ve been a fan for 32 years,” wondered one user.

Another said: “Fadi, has the funeral happened yet?? Or was this article from 9 days ago?”

Do you think George Michael’s funeral has already taken place?


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