Fadi Fawaz Offered Multiple £1 Million Deals To Write Book About George Michael’s Final Days!

Fadi Fawaz Offered Multiple £1 Million Deals To Write Book About George Michael’s Final Days!
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According to new reports, George Michael’s lover Fadi Fawaz has been offered a £1 million deal to write a book about the star’s final days.

As fans already know, the legend tragically passed away at home on Christmas day and now multiple publishing houses are ready to offer Fawaz a huge sum of money to talk about Michael’s life behind the scenes.

"As the person who found his body, they know a book by him would be sensational," an insider stated. "Their offers could easily go as high as £1m."

Fadi has previously revealed that he felt the world turned against him after the star unexpectedly died and it was so for a while, but the truth is, no one spent more time with the late singer in the weeks prior to his passing than his lover.

Because of that, publishing houses seeking to profit off of Fawaz’s unique point of view are offering him extremely advantageous deals to make him reveal everything he remembers.

And considering that Fawaz has been extremely affected by the fake stories about him and his lover, which mostly painted the photographer as a monster, it seems like Fawaz might just be just as interested in telling his side of the story.

The star’s grieving boyfriend also stated that although he hasn’t really talked about their life together, the reports that put him in a bad light just because he was the one who found Michael dead in his bed are far from true, adding that they had a beautiful life together.

Initially, he stated that he’d like to be left alone to grieve in peace but is Fawaz as adamant about being away from the spotlight now that he is given such an opportunity to speak up on his own terms, not to mention pocket some money? Let us know what you think!

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  • Annette Fish
    Annette Fish Apr 9, 2017 12:30 PM PDT

    I believe people have no respect for famous people when they pass. Have some class let the man get over the passing of his lover. When he is ready to talk he will contact someone. Thanks

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