Fadi Fawaz Involved in George Michael’s Death?

Fadi Fawaz Involved in George Michael’s Death?
Source: metro.co.uk

Fadi Fawaz, George Michael’s lover and the person who found the singer’s body on Christmas Day, has been questioned by the London police for Michael’s death.

According to The Sun, Fawaz, “has answered questions to help pull together a report for the coroner” regarding the Wham singer’s death at only 53 years old.

Michael’s lover previously stated that he has found his body on Christmas morning when he went to his house but later development revealed that the couple was having issues and Fawaz slept in his car in front of the singer’s residence on Christmas Eve.

Later on, the mourning lover posted on his Twitter account that George Michael have wanted to die long ago. However, it turned out to be a hacker who tweeted the lies and the posts have been deleted ever-since.

“I am shocked with what’s going on with the Twitter things. My Twitter account was hacked and closed,” explained Fawaz for The Mirror.

Sources from the London Police stated that “there is no suggestion Fadi has done anything wrong.”

“A number of people have been giving statements to the police regarding the death,” added a Police spokesperson “The investigation taken place is by the coroner. It’s routine. Everything there is an unexplained death.”

Furthermore, he also confirmed that there was “no foul play” or “criminal activity.”

“There are no suspects, nothing. It’s just a post-mortem for cause of death. Last week the results of the tests were inconclusive. It should be available in the next couple of weeks.”

Taking all the latest police information into account there is no real evidence that Fadi Fawaz was in anyway involved in George Michael’s death and the lover seems to suffer from losing his partner as well.

The Police are still investigating and the coroner’s office has not yet decided what the cause of death is.

Do you think Fadi Fawaz had anything to do with the singer’s death?


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