Fabolous Enters Plea Deal In His Domestic Abuse Case

Fabolous Enters Plea Deal In His Domestic Abuse Case
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Rapper Fabolous, born John David Jackson, entered a plea deal in an attempt to avoid jail time reports TMZ. The outlet reported that the judge agreed to drop charges as long as he continues to stay out of trouble in addition to completing an intervention program.

Obtained by TMZ, the report from the Bergen County New Jersey Court states that Mr. Jackson will enter a pre-trial intervention program. Supposedly, the group is typically reserved for first-time offenders.

Moreover, Mr. Jackson has to give the court an update on how he's doing at least once every month. Currently, it isn't known whether the report includes drug testing as well. However, Jackson doesn't have to go to anger management classes or therapy.

Previously, the rapper was looking at 20 years in prison, so his sentence is far less severe than what was originally revealed. Back in October of 2018, the Brooklyn-native was charged with one count of domestic violence including bodily injury as well as one count of a weapon, and two counts of threatening to kill.

Mr. Jackson fought with his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his two children, Emily B. The incident was famously caught on videotape and published in the news media. Since then, Emily and Mr. Jackson have managed to work things out for the sake of their kids.

As fans of the artist know, the height of Mr. Jackson's career was between 2000 and 2010. During that time, he released several albums and won many awards. However, he hasn't released a new record since 2014's The OG Project .

Abuse has become a serious topic of contention in the hip-hop and African-American community in the last few months following the controversial charges laid against R. Kelly. Mr. Kelly was indicted on ten different charges of aggravated sexual abuse.

After the release of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly, an outpouring of support surfaced on Twitter and other social media platforms. Just weeks later, R. Kelly was dropped by his record label; he lost his studio, and Kelly then appeared before the court to face official charges for the first time in years. Some have speculated that the #MeToo movement has begun sprouting up more and more among other ethnic groups of the United States.

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