Ex-Husband Of Mandy Moore Ryan Adams Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Several Women

Ex-Husband Of Mandy Moore Ryan Adams Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Several Women
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The singer-songwriter, Ryan Adams, has been accused of sexual misconduct according to a new report from the New York Times published on Wednesday, February 13th. Approximately seven women accused Mr. Adams of "dangling career opportunities" in exchange for casual sex - the article suggests.

According to the report, whenever Mr. Adams was rejected by women, he would "turn domineering and vengeful," and often would resort to harassing the women in question on social media as well as through text messages. Ryan would take away his offers of support if the women didn't give him what he wanted.

Mandy Moore, his ex-wife, claims Adams used music as a "point of control." Also in the report, it suggests Adams was "manipulative" - whatever such a connotation that holds. Moreover, he supposedly "exposed" himself to underage girls.

In one text message exchange, he allegedly texted an underaged girl who lied about how old she was. He said to her, "if people knew they would say I was like R. Kelley (sic) lol." His lawyer, Andrew B. Bretler, claims he never knew he was texting underage girls, and he certainly wouldn't do so had he known of their real age.

Also through his attorney, Adams believes that many of the women who are accusing him of the aforementioned behavior are just upset their careers didn't work out the way they wanted and are thus taking it out and laying the responsibility on him.

Following the article's publication, Adams took to Twitter to say he wasn't a perfect man and apologized for hurting anyone's feelings, however, he added the report was inaccurate and much of the supposed "facts" were gross exaggerations and distortions of the truth.

You can check out some of his tweets below:

Moving past his apology and denial of the allegations, Adams claims he always tried to spread joy and positivity with his music, and would never intentionally cause anyone undue distress. Ryan is just one of many men to be accused of such crimes as of late.

Another star to face similar allegations in the last thirty days includes R. Kelly, the man whom he supposedly joked about through text message. Last month, R. Kelly was accused of additional allegations, including abusing and manipulating young girls. No charges were laid.

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