Even Teen Mom Fans Think Jenelle Evans And David Eason's Children Are Safer Elsewhere

Even Teen Mom Fans Think Jenelle Evans And David Eason's Children Are Safer Elsewhere
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

Earlier this summer, Child Protective Services removed all of the children from the home of former Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and David Eason after he shot and killed the family dog. But, after a nearly two-month long court battle, the judge allowed the controversial couple to retain custody and he returned the kids to their care. Now, Eason wants custody of his son Kaden - who he shares with ex Olivia Leedham - and he is asking fans to donate money to help his case.

Eason has been fighting Leedham over custody of Kaden for years, and she says the battle has cost her nearly $50,000. Because she was running out of money, Leedham started a GoFundMe page to raise $5,000 to continue battling with Eason for custody of her son.

She named her page “Helping This Mommy To Protect Kaden,” and in her fundraising description, Leedham wrote that she was worried about her son’s safety, both physically and mentally. She added that she was “beyond worried” because Kaden doesn’t even want to speak to Eason, much less go to his house.

Within hours, she blew past her $5,000 goal.

In response, Evans and Eason launched their own fundraising campaign to raise $3,500 for their side of the fight, and it didn’t go so well. On their page, they accused Leedham of being an “alcoholic, cheater, drug addict, scam artist, and spouse abuser,” and they claimed to be concerned about Kaden’s living situation.

Eason ended the description by writing, "I’m a father of 3 already and have custody of my two daughters that live with me full time. My step-son also lives with me full time alongside with my wife. We’ve been together since 2015 and married since 2017. It’s very hard to maintain the life we live with all the false information being spread around about myself and being a well-known public figure. I would appreciate all the help and support I can get just to obtain full custody or visitation rights.”

As of the time of publishing, the couple has raised $70 of their $3,500 goal.

Eason has had limited contact with Kaden during his son’s life because of a court order, but he continues to fight for custody of a boy who barely knows him. However, Kaden knows his dad enough to know that he doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Eason says that it isn’t his fault that Kaden has been in and out of his life, and Leedham has been keeping him from seeing his son “for no legit reason.”

There is no doubt that this battle will continue on online and in court.


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