Evelyn Lozada,The 'Basketball Wives' Star, Gets In Trouble Over Son Carl Leo Crawford's Prayer Video -- Is Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson's Ex A Hypocrite?

Evelyn Lozada,The 'Basketball Wives' Star, Gets In Trouble Over Son Carl Leo Crawford's Prayer Video -- Is Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson's Ex A Hypocrite?
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Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada is getting high praises and being called a hypocrite and phony for a sharing a sweet video where her son, Carl Leo Crawford, is saying a prayer.

In the video, the mother/son duo is in bed, and the cutie pie is reciting a prayer asking for world peace.

It melted hearts and created drama because some fans say she is raising her son well and others claimed that prayer is private and sacred and should not be shown on social media.

The mom of two captioned the clip: "Leo’s prayer 🙏🏽 He prayed for the world to be a better place & he also prayed for the homeless 😓❤️#MyAngel #Amen."

One critic said: "Like why? We don't need to see that you're a "great mom" because that's what you're supposed to do... My mom never put a voice recorder up to me when I prayed... it just happened, but hey it's still cute 🤷🏽‍♀️Some things should be private between parents/child, but I guess this is the world we live in now so...🤷🏽‍♀️Only Christians play with God like this Muslims would never allow their prayer to be mocked like this flexing with God isn't cool celeb or not."

A fan stepped in to share: "Not all complaining over a prayer 😩 some of y'all needed to see this!Y’all hate so much “why everything needs to be recorded” this baby like 4 they probably pray every night. She records once, and Y'all get mad. This is powerful and inspirational to some of us. Reminder to teach our children to call upon his name. That's so sweet God bless him 🙏A family that prays together stay together. 😂"

This mom wrote: "He’s so adorable❤️❤️. I prayed tonight with my child, and she had the nerve to say at the end, “that took forever.” 😒all have a mental disorder. Damn near all churches are recorded on tv with people praying ON TV. You and everyone who thinks like you need help. How can you be this negative for a child's prayer? You really need Jesus."

Another naysayer chimed in: "Prayer should be in private via you && the Lord, but I guess I get what her purpose was. 🙄 I mean but the sound was unnecessary the point could have been made in a differential, but again I digress ...But she is doing it for the world to see. The Bible speaks of this type of hypocrites!"

What do you think about this drama?

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