Evelyn Lozada Has A Message About The Devil After OG Chijindu Slams Her In Interviews

Evelyn Lozada Has A Message About The Devil After OG Chijindu Slams Her In Interviews
Credit: Source: VH1

Evelyn Lozada is a saved woman determined not to let the devil prevail. She took to social media to share a message to fans after being slammed by Basketball Wives co-star OG Chijindu.

The mother of two recently got baptized after reflecting on her life. She made a promise to herself to abstain from sex until marriage and wants to change the way she is portrayed on the show.

The last installment was a rough one for Lozada who was accused of being colorist alongside Shaunie O'Neal. She was also in multiple fights with cast members that almost turned physical.

Recently, OG spoke to a radio station about Evelyn's use of the n-word and the sudden claim that she identifies as afro-latina.

'I think it’s convenient. You had eight years, nine years you’ve been on the show to talk about that. You never once mentioned afro dash anything but now because you’re being pointed out as what you are showing and what I’m observing, it’s a problem. In Costa Rica during that banter, I said, ‘You’re not Black.’ What got cut out? Her saying, ‘I don’t want to be Black.’ Why did you cut that out? I said yes you do. I also said, you can stuff as much Black boop in your p**** all you want, it still doesn’t make you Black. ‘I don’t want to be Black.’ Why did that get cut out? Because the narrative was already addressed that oh s***, OG just called me out on a very racially charged subject, a very racially charged debate. If we show this? This is going to light the whole world on fire.'

Evelyn is trying not to let the recent talk or the fallout out from the show get to her.

She told fans in a video: 'When things are going really, really well in your life, whether it’s motherhood, career, personal relationships, just life in general, the devil has a really sneaky, funny way of trying to come in to really throw you off your path with negativity, BS,” she said in a video. “It’s so clear to me, and I’m always baffled because I’m like, um, I see what you’re doing. I say this all to say, do not ever let negativity, people, anything, throw you off your path and your mission and the things you’re trying to accomplish, because the closer you get to that goal, the devil is going to try and come in and steal your joy. So that is my message for today.'

The Instagram Story has expired but is still being talked about on BBW fan pages. What do you think about Evelyn's message?


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