Evelyn Lozada Confirms She Is Dating French Montana Amid Sanaa Lathan Open Relationship Rumors

Evelyn Lozada Confirms She Is Dating French Montana Amid Sanaa Lathan Open Relationship Rumors
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Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada decided to confirm the rumors that she is indeed dating French Montana who seems to still be in an open relationship with actress Sanaa Lathan.

The hot mama chose to share a few raunchy workout videos where she is explaining how she can maintain her envious curves.

She stated that she has been able to accomplish her goal by writing: “Hustle for that muscle, Proud of myself! 185LB Weights!!!You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it.”

One fan asked Evelyn: "French be pounding that culo into sazon hun."

Evelyn responded by adding that French is pounding her butt into Puerto Rica's famous sofrito.

Sofrito is a delicious mixture composed of puree of onions, culantro leaves, garlic, green peppers, and chile peppers can be used as a foundation for stews and rice.

Many are confused by the relationship because, in 2013, French dropped a track entitled “Ocho Cinco” where he had a field day with the news that he had headbutted Evelyn.

French said in the track: "Face down, [email protected] up
Pull up in that spaceship with that top down
[email protected] pass out, chain light up, they blackout
I'm like "haaanh," Ocho Cinco, that's a head-banger
I see a bitch lookin' thirsty, told her go and drink up
I head hunt, that new n2gga, and what
Shorty got that Ocho, good head, and butt I'm like "haaanh."
All I got for [email protected] is pipe water
I done came up off a night order."

He went on to say: "Give me [email protected] till my legs shake
She gave me the brain, but that doesn't explain
Why these lames be loving and cuffing these [email protected]
I don't know shit 'bout 'em, but they head shape
Got a dirty dozen of them round thangs waiting in a room like an egg crate
Uh, B.A.D. Boy ho, and I got B.A.D. bitches for my boys so
I treat 'em like pollo I'm serving black Suburban,
Swerving through the hood getting head like turbans,
Any job a good job, so she gets a [email protected]"

A recent video showed that Lathan and French are still very close.

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